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Best ways for a modern Law Firm to attract and retain clients

It's 2022 and we’re well and truly on our way to a completely digital age. Technology has seeped into every domain that we can think of. As they say, “The rules of engagement have changed”.

Past methods of physically / manually reaching out to potential legal clients and customers just don’t work anymore now. There’s a good enough reason for this. Today’s clients just don’t have time for browsing through huge volumes of Yellow Pages or checking newspaper advertisements, or even hoardings for finding a decent attorney.

The only option now is – Go where they are. And more and more of them are now online!


So how do we attract new clients?

The following are some of the ways you go all out to attract potential new clients in today’s technology-fueled market –


Think Digital (Oh yes, this includes using social media extensively!)

Whereas many law firms may shy away even now from wading into the world of social media, the fact remains that going online is quickly becoming one of the fastest (and often, easiest) ways of searching for and engaging with potential clients and customers.

Unlike a few years ago, when social media was the exclusive domain of youngsters, today, people of all age groups use social media extensively for both their personal as well as professional requirements. 

Today, a law firm’s presence on social media ensures it a worldwide platform to share news and updates about its business, clients, cases handled by it, and more such important information. The online page of your firm can contain links to the individual bio-profiles of your lawyers, legal professionals working for your firm, and other important employees. It should also, ideally include the latest developments and initiatives taken by your firm.

Yet another way to garner eyeballs on your firm’s online page is by producing live blogs, webinars, videos, and even live sessions on Facebook and Instagram. During such live sessions, your firm can address queries on many important legal topics, asked by online viewers and participants. Such sessions can also be used as a shout-out for new technologies implemented by your law firm, or other latest developments within your firm.

Creating regular blogs, write-ups, Whitepapers, etc. on a variety of legal topics also ensure that your firm engages (and continues engaging) with newer and wider audiences, each passing day. Just ensure that your blogs and writeups use proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools so that it ranks high on any Google search result.


Highlight your team’s expertise and knowledge

Another good way to focus the spotlight on your law firm is to showcase its expertise and knowledge in solving complex legal problems solved by it previously. Now, this gets magnified even more, if the said issue is a particularly newsworthy or topical one, involving multiple media houses and news agencies.

Publishing regular e-newsletters and news snippets also will enable your firm to stay on top of the minds of potential clients and customers, thus increasing the recall value of your firm. Such newsletters will also serve as an online sounding board for all the latest news and updates about your firm.


Goodwill Marketing

Yet another way of promoting your law agency and enhancing its “recall value” is to get involved in community events, both online and offline. Some of these are –

  • Participating in local (and online) community events.
  • Initiating and volunteering for a particular cause/event/benefit (like, for instance, organizing a musical night to raise funds for a special cause).
  • Participating in online legal (as well as non-legal) boards.
  • Sponsoring local sports and other youth-based events.


Thus, it is clear that performing some (or all) of the above activities will ensure that your law firm stays fresh and relevant in the minds of the public for years to come, thus increasing the continuity, sustainability, and viability of your business.