Best case management software for legal practitioners in Turkey

Case Management Software For Law Firms In Turkey

Smart Lawyer Office provides a state-of-the-art law automation software tailored for law firms in Turkey, delivering a complete array of features vital for contemporary legal practitioners.
Best law automation software solution in Turkey
law automation and management software platforms in Turkey seamlessly merge with legal research tools, facilitating users' access to relevant case law, statutes, regulations, and other essential legal resources.
Case management features simplify the coordination and oversight of various elements within legal cases, encompassing client details, deadlines, assignments, and communications. Typically, these features incorporate scheduling tools, task assignment capabilities, and foster collaboration among colleagues.
It enables the generation of invoices using billable hours, expenses, and alternative billing arrangements, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the billing process for law firms operating in Turkey

Cloud-Based Legal Case Management Solution :
Smart Lawyer Office acts as an all-in-one practice management software suite for legal practitioners and lawyers that offers everything you need on one dashboard.
Manage Each Matter On One Comprehensive Platform :
Smart Lawyer Office helps to increase efficiencies of your legal firm and take in more revenue. This smart software lets you to manage your cases and clients in one place.
Efficiently Manage Your Entire Law Firm :
Our matter management software is very user friendly, efficient and complete. This solution’s functionality and entire set up fit to any law firm perfectly and make their workload more complete and efficient.


Secure And Protect Datas In Your Organization :
Smart Lawyer office protect your data in a highest way possible such as your clients personal information: family matters, bank information and personal history.
Automate The Tasks In Your Firm :
Improve client satisfaction and response time with on-the-go mobile information access. Control all your integrated legal matter management, case document automation in your firm in Turkey
Fully Integrated E-billing Facility :
You never have to pay for a third-party payment processor again. Bill more hours, increase efficiencies and focus on doing what you do best, practicing law.

Features Of Smart Lawyer Office

  • Managing All The Cases Or Matters Related To Law Firm.
  • Legal Calendaring.
  • Time Tracking.
  • Payment and Billing.
  • Tracking the expenses of the Firm.
  • Contract Management.
  • Client Management and Support.

What does a Case Management System do?

Case Management System is a simple software that let you to track large amount of client data and provide it on your computer and then using that information to help you run your business more effectively. A good software will help you to planning, assessing, screening, implementing and communicating with your valuable customers.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Case Management Software?

A Legal Case Management Software help you to organize your paperwork digitally. So you don't need to worry about misplacing of papers & documents. This software reduce the chance of missing potential leads those are happened by handling manually. You can track your leads easily. You don't need to waist as Lots of more In marketing area. Only one software will handle all these things.


What Are The Features Needed In A Legal Case Management Software?

Profitable solutions that are offered that can reduce the overall cost of case operation in your legal firms.
The second to none futuristic web solutions provided to lawyers across the globe.
The freedom to choose the place, time and device you work from and help you run your business more efficiently.
Enhancing productivity of employees in a hassle-free manner.
One system that takes care of all the cases and the matter documents in a centralized manner in your law firms.
Special attention will be paid to data security and access to information will be limited.
On premise or cloud-based implementation and provides flexible and reliable software solutions for your law firm.


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Basic Edition

Smart Lawyer Office

For Small Law Firms - Upto 5 Users Case Management Modules.

  • + Legal Process Automation (Basic).

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Standard Edition

Smart Lawyer Office

For Medium Law Firms - Upto 20 Users Case Management Modules.

  • + Client Portal.
  • + Legal Process Automation (Basic).
  • + Outlook Email Integration
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Premium Edition

Smart Lawyer Office

For Large Corporate Law Firms- Unlimited Users Case Management Modules.

  • + Client Portal.
  • + Legal Process Automation (Advanced).
  • + Outlook Email Integration.
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Why Do You Need Smart Lawyer Office?

Comprehensive Legal Platform - Smart Lawyer Office is a platform for your team to manage your day today activities including legal enquiries, fees proposals, terms of engagement, matter management, document tracking, billing, payments and lawyers timesheets.


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