Legal case management software for law firms in Dubai| UAE

Case Management Software for Law Firms in UAE

Smart Lawyer Office is a modern, English/Arabic, comprehensive and easy-to-use cloud-based Case Management Software for legal firms in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other GCC countries, with fully automated, intuitive features that covers all of a modern law firm's automation requirements.

Increase your lawyer firm's productivity using Smart Lawyer Office

Enhanced Productivity : Improve productivity at each level in your law firm by managing client content and communication in integrated and centralized case-matter files.
Automate Routine Tasks In Your Law Firm : Ensure increased client satisfaction and response time with real-time information access on any device of your choice. Control all your integrated legal matter management and case document automation in your law firm in UAE.
Multi-device Accessibility : All information and documents of your law firm anywhere in the world can be easily accessed and managed from any location and on any device. True mobility indeed!!
Secure Data Sharing : The Smart Lawyer Office web-based app provides a safe and completely secure centralized storing of your confidential legal case files and documents.

Smart Lawyer Office
Smart Lawyer Office

Why choose Smart Lawyer Office?

Automate Your Firm’s Workflow- Communicate with clients in real-time. Access case-related client emails right from case sheet.
Centralized Repository Of All Clients & Cases/Matters- Our software helps you work from anywhere, any time, and on any device with maximum productivity and collaboration.
Cloud Based software Solution- Best web-based collaborative solution with both on-premise or own cloud implementation options.
Take Your Law Firm To New Heights With Technology-Take advantage of technology, and move your firm to the next level.

Features of Smart Lawyer Office

  • Managing All The Cases Or Matters Related To Law Firm.
  • Legal Calendaring.
  • Time Tracking.
  • Payment and Billing.
  • Tracking the expenses of the Firm.
  • Contract Management.
  • Client Management and Support.

Document Management

Client Portal System

Outlook Email Integration
  • Smart Lawyer Office is the most popular legal practice management software available in English and Arabic languages to automate law firm activities. It uniquely combines case management, client collaboration, documents handling and finance to help law firms in UAE.

  • Yes! we can customize and deliver the Smart Lawyer Office software solution as per your growing business needs. We can enhance the solution as and when needed with customizations.

  • Every lawyer needs easy-to-use, cloud-based software like Beveron’s SMART LAWYER OFFICE for their legal practice, that offers efficient contact management, litigation cases, document management, financial management, time tracking and task management.

  • SMART LAWYER OFFICE from Beveron Technologies, is a cloud-based Case Management Software (CMS) that is suitable for small, medium & large sized legal firms and corporate legal departments with smart and intuitive features, and an easy-to-view dashboard that lets you to manage your law firm securely from anywhere and on any device.

  • Beveron’s SMART LAWYER OFFICE is a very popular cloud-based billing software app developed specifically for lawyers and corporate legal departments, that handles legal billing, document management and trust accounting.

  • SMART LAWYER OFFICE from Beveron Technologies, is commonly considered the best CRM for legal firms and legal practitioners that boosts your law firm’s productivity and automatically attracts more clients, thus increasing revenue generation manifold.

  • Beveron’s SMART LAWYER OFFICE is widely recognized as the best web-based legal billing software in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, that is specifically designed for law firms, legal departments and individual lawyers, enabling them to track consulting time and be paid for the services rendered.

  • SMART LAWYER OFFICE from Beveron Technologies, is commonly considered the leading law practice management software in Dubai and GCC nations. This Case Management Solution (CMS) app lets you to manage your law firm securely from anywhere at any time.

  • With Beveron’s SMART LAWYER OFFICE you can easily track and manage time from any browser. This legal firm software also helps you to track even in offline mode and sync the data later, when your device gets online.

  • Beveron’s SMART LAWYER OFFICE is the #1 Case Management Software (CMS) that enables accounting system integration so that you can easily import and export your timesheet data and use it for invoicing, tax calculations and payroll.

What Does a Case Management System Do?

A Case Management System is law office software that lets you manage multiple sets of client data and retrieve it whenever and wherever needed, thus helping you run your law firm more efficiently. A good Case Management System app like our Smart Lawyer Office will help you plan, assess, screen, implement and communicate with your regular as well as potential customers.

Smart Lawyer Office

What Are The Features Needed In A Legal Case Management Software?

Profitable solutions that are offered that can reduce the overall cost of case operation in your legal firms.
The second to none futuristic web solutions provided to lawyers across the globe.
The freedom to choose the place, time and device you work from and help you run your business more efficiently.
Enhancing productivity of employees in a hassle-free manner.
One system that takes care of all the cases and the matter documents in a centralized manner in your law firms.
Special attention will be paid to data security and access to information will be limited.
On premise or cloud-based implementation and provides flexible and reliable software solutions for your law firm.

Smart Lawyer Office
  • Litigation management involves anything and everything that a lawyer or a law firm does to take care of a court case. Beveron’s Smart Lawyer Office is a leading legal practice management software in UAE. This includes management tasks like being updated about the case's progress, having documentation in place, or keeping track of the expense that he did for a particular case. All of this is a part of litigation management. This may also include outside counsels that law firms hire to take care of their cases; keeping track of allocated cases, noting down changes, and following up on their development, are just some plethora of things that are covered under the tag of "Litigation Management."

  • A litigation management system or solution is law firm software that automates all the aspects of litigation management. Beveron’s Smart Lawyer Office is a widely used bi lingual (English and Arabic) Litigation management software used in UAE. It is a lawyer's left hand to streamline his litigation management processes. This software has numerous functionalities. Here are some that are worth listing:
    • Updates about the following hearing dates
    • Automatic updates of orders, judgments, and other essential documents in the system
    • External counsel management
    • Display of live boards of courts for cases
    • Updates of new cases and appeals filed in your name or other stakeholders

    At Beveron, we build software that makes your litigation management effortless. If you wish to know more about what our litigation solution offers, get in touch with us.

  • A good law firm software such as Smart Lawyer Office can help you bridge the gap between the legal sector and other departments. Domestic legal teams can instantly send new email notifications from anywhere in the world or reach out to their experts with inquiries. In addition, it shares important information, documents, notes, reports, and more.

  • Litigation management solutions such as Smart Lawyer Office use efficient workflows and a central repository for customizable documents and reports, automate and simplify time-consuming physical activities, and give legal teams more time to resolve critical issues. Of course, the more time you save will also lead to cost savings.

  • A litigation solution (often referred to as case management or dispute resolution) is any software solution that enables domestic legal teams and other legal professionals to track, organize, monitor, and report effectively. These tools automate most litigation portfolio management tasks and provide accurate data and analysis of case criteria and user activity, which can help the organization make critical litigation decisions.

  • Deploying a litigation management system is an outcome of precise work. Thus deploying takes a significant amount of time ranging anywhere from between a month to 3 months. At Beveron, 90% of our deployments have taken us 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the customizations required by our clients.

Smart Lawyer Office

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Basic Edition

Smart Lawyer Office

For Small Law Firms - Upto 5 Users Case Management Modules.

  • + Legal Process Automation (Basic).

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Standard Edition

Smart Lawyer Office

For Medium Law Firms - Upto 20 Users Case Management Modules.

  • + Client Portal.
  • + Legal Process Automation (Basic).
  • + Outlook Email Integration
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Premium Edition

Smart Lawyer Office

For Large Corporate Law Firms- Unlimited Users Case Management Modules.

  • + Client Portal.
  • + Legal Process Automation (Advanced).
  • + Outlook Email Integration.
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Why Do You Need Smart Lawyer Office?

Comprehensive Legal Platform - Smart Lawyer Office is a platform for your team to manage your day today activities including legal enquiries, fees proposals, terms of engagement, matter management, document tracking, billing, payments and lawyers timesheets.


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