Top legal case management software for lawyer firms in Nigeria

A Complete Integrated Case Management Solution for Law firms In Nigeria

Smart Lawyer Office is an comprehensive and powerful automated case management solution ,that ensure that all your clients have a great client experience with better legal service rendering that will enable client retention. Your team productivity will be improved with better communications, task reminders, efficient document management and automated processes.

A Purpose-Built Legal Practice Management Solution

Smart Lawyer Office is helps law firm in Nigeria to manage their day today activities including legal enquiries, fees proposals, terms of engagement, matter management, document tracking, billing, payments and lawyers timesheets. Legal case Management System provides an efficient way for lawyers to manage their clients , cases and documents.

Smart Lawyer office help to :
Digitize and Automate your business operations
Manage your legal office from Anywhere
Cloud based Collaborative Solution
Standardize and streamline your office
Own Server implementation and One time payment

The case management platform is engineered to run and provide support across multiple platforms. The suit features excellent automation capabilities which auto-pilots every tasks and provides personalized work flow processes that can be tracked easily.


Digitization Of Law Firms With Powerful Case Management Software

Smart Lawyer Office is a web based solution which can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. This web based legal system can be implemented on premise server or law firm’s own cloud account. Legal software in Nigeria help to Organize all Case details in single dashboard such as Contacts, Documents, Court dates, Legal time tracking etc. This Software is designed to make the work more flexible and gives you greater control over legal documents.

Features Of Smart Lawyer Office

  • Managing All The Cases Or Matters Related To Law Firm.
  • Legal Calendaring.
  • Time Tracking.
  • Payment and Billing.
  • Tracking the expenses of the Firm.
  • Contract Management.
  • Client Management and Support.

What Does A Case Management System Do?

Case Management System is a simple software that let you to track large amount of client data and provide it on your computer and then using that information to help you run your business more effectively. A good software will help you to planning, assessing, screening, implementing and communicating with your valuable customers.


Benefits Of Smart Lawyer Office

Manage Case/Matters/Hearings
Standardize your organization processes
Increase Business,customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
Easy access to Law firm data
Effective Contact,Document and Account Management
Centralized Business Development activities
Real time updates, Better Analysis
Send Client Notifications


Key Features Of Legal Case Management Software?

How to handle multiple tasks of a law firm easily using smart lawyer office?
Smart Lawyer Office act as a complete case management platform that will increase efficiency by bringing multiple activities under a single system. Smart Lawyer Office software integrates and automates all your legal firm activities including: calendaring, appointment scheduling, case management, conflict checking, messaging, and more.

How easily data can be managed using legal tech software?
Legal case management software helps law firm in Nigeria to store, track, manage, classify case information and documents, and communicate in a manner that allows them the highest level of easiness, and its wide range of reports give lawyer offices the tools to effectively manage their practices.

How information can be centralized in law firm?
Software has Centralised legal system of record of all details, documents and emails relating to each matter. It holds important details of case laws that includes relevant documents, reports, calendars, invoices, lists of tasks, and receipts.

How to optimize legal operations?
Smart Lawyer Office solution help law firm team to manage day today activities including legal reviews, contracts, legal consultancy, matter management, document tracking, expenses and lawyers timesheets etc.

How can increased productivity be advantageous to a law firm?
Case Management Software in Nigeria helps in organizing all the information related to the case and updating the information on regular basis. Increase your legal firms productivity by defining workflows based on the type of case.

How effective is remote working?
Legal case management software in Nigeria help to retrieve all information related to all case/matter that can access anytime, anywhere. Software helps you to work from anywhere, any time on any device with maximum productivity. The remote work force sectors cannot avoid the use of cloud-based network which allows organizations to keep track of their specific storage needs. This helps the lawyers to store, update and share the case related data easily. They can access their data at anytime from anywhere in the world.

How to maintain a time sheet for users?
Legal practice is the sector that heavily depends on billing by time spent. If your lawyers still track their time manually, your firm inevitably suffers with lack of accuracy andaccountability. Implementing case management software with time tracking enable lawyers work on multiple matters without losing track of time due to automated recordings of all the time entries. Client billing will be easy and automated from time sheets.

How law firm can manage deadlines?
It is the duty of lawyers that legal matter should be resolved within specific deadlines. Case management software will help legal professionals in handling deadlines of each case.

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Basic Edition

Smart Lawyer Office

For Small Law Firms - Upto 5 Users Case Management Modules.

  • + Legal Process Automation (Basic).

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Standard Edition

Smart Lawyer Office

For Medium Law Firms - Upto 20 Users Case Management Modules.

  • + Client Portal.
  • + Legal Process Automation (Basic).
  • + Outlook Email Integration
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Premium Edition

Smart Lawyer Office

For Large Corporate Law Firms- Unlimited Users Case Management Modules.

  • + Client Portal.
  • + Legal Process Automation (Advanced).
  • + Outlook Email Integration.
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Why Do You Need Smart Lawyer Office?

Comprehensive Legal Platform - Smart Lawyer Office is a platform for your team to manage your day today activities including legal enquiries, fees proposals, terms of engagement, matter management, document tracking, billing, payments and lawyers timesheets.


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