Best case management software for in-house legal counsel-Nigeria

Everything you need to run a law firm in Nigeria

The leading cloud-based legal case management software for in-house legal department in Nigeria
that enable an integrated solution to automate case management and contracts.

Scale Your Business :
SMART LEGAL COUNSEL act as the one stop matter management solution that contain all the features that you need to run an efficient in-house legal counsel in Nigeria. This allows real-time analytics that enable effective management of team capacity.
Replace All The Tools :
SMART LEGAL COUNSEL is an easy-to-use case management software for in-house legal department that replaces all the tools used by the legal practitioners. This supports multiple languages & multiple currencies.
Manage every single case in detail :
SMART LEGAL COUNSEL provides a step-by-step update about each case in its entire life cycle. This coordinates documents, scheduling conflicts, contacts, and any reporting associated with each of your legal cases.


Stay In Touch With Your Customer :
Stay connected with your customers across all organization all from one platform and automate follow ups with custom workflows.
Affordable Solution :
To meet the needs and requirements for all small and medium size in-house legal counsel and department SMART LEGAL COUNSEL is the best option. We provide this customized case management software to fit their unique needs and work styles.

Features Of Smart Legal Counsel

  • Corporate Legal Case Document Management.
  • Law Firm Pannel Management In Your In-House Legal Department.
  • Information Sharing And Security.
  • In-house Legal Case And Matter Management.
  • Contract Establishment And Control.
  • Email Management.
  • Email Time Recording And Internal Cross-Changing/Disbursement.
  • Review/Approval/Work Flow Automation.
  • Outlook/Email Integration.
  • Microsoft Office Integration.

Cloud Based Matter Management Software

Get the matter related document you need instantly by searching for keywords within its title, metadata, or text contents. SMART LEGAL COUNSEL act as a centralized document repository to store all matter related documents including petition, case sheets, witness notes, judgements, etc.


How to Automate Legal Firms?

Implement a trusted brand's automation software in your department. The automation helps you to manage the Legal Corporate Data of your entities and companies in one single place by tracking all information related to matters and allows you to keep track of multiple variations of the document.


Steps Need To Follow Before Choosing The Right Software For Your Firm

Have staff members come up with their own features checklists that relate specifically to their responsibilities at your firm. Demos are also the perfect place to ask questions and discover new ways of doing things.A walk-through with a knowledgeable sales person is essential for you and your team to properly evaluate any case management solution.


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Basic Edition

Smart Legal Counsel

For Small Legal Counsel - Upto 5 Users Legal Counsel Modules.

  • + Legal Process Automation (Basic).

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Standard Edition

Smart Legal Counsel

For Medium Legal Counsel - Upto 20 Users Legal Counsel Modules.

  • + Client Portal.
  • + Legal Process Automation (Basic).
  • + Outlook Email Integration.
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Premium Edition

Smart Legal Counsel

For Large Corporate Legal Counsel- Unlimited Users Legal Counsel Modules.

  • + Client Portal.
  • + Legal Process Automation (Advanced).
  • + Outlook Email Integration.
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Why Do You Need Smart Legal Counsel?

Use best software solution that simplifying all tasks and automating activities in your in-house legal departments. SMART LEGAL COUNSEL helps you to share information with colleagues and maintain records of approved legal clauses for use in contracts to reduce inconsistency and errors.


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