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Smart software for in-house legal departments and legal counsel

Smart Legal Counsel-A cloud-based software solution for corporate legal case management of In-house legal counsel and legal departments for their day-to-day needs with contracts and matter management, e-billing, legal holds, and much more.

Transform Old Work Place To A Smart Legal Counsel

Legal Practice With Innovation- Take advantage of technology & take your legal team into next level.
Automating Business Operations- Real-time client communications enabling instant communication with clients. Access realed client emails right from case sheet.
Centralized Repository Of all Clients& Cases/Matters- Our software helps you to work from anywhere, any time on any device with maximum productivity.
Cloud Based Software Solution- Best web based collaborative solution with on premise or own cloud account implementation with competent web-based solution to function smoothly.


All Your Matter Information Is Available In Just One Single Click

Can Access From Anywhere By A Single Click : Allows in-house legal counsel to open matters of various types, assign budgets and billing guidlines and report on who worked on what, for how long in on any device from anywhere in the globe.
Organize Department Operations : Reduce All Risks In Your Legal Department By Standardizing All The Operations And Improve Productivity.

Features Of Smart Legal Counsel

Days are gone where legal automation is limited to wordprocessrs, spreadsheets and emails. A handy Case Management Software with infinite options is an essential tool for any modern Law Firms.

  • Corporate Legal Case Document Management.
  • Law Firm Pannel Management In Your In-House Legal Department.
  • Information Sharing And Security.
  • In-house Legal Case And Matter Management.
  • Contract Establishment And Control.
  • Email Management.
  • Email Time Recording And Internal Cross-Changing/Disbursement.
  • Review/Approval/Work Flow Automation.
  • Outlook/Email Integration.
  • Microsoft Office Integration.
  • Generally speaking, Legal Requests are Service Requests raised by various other departments for requesting legal services from an organization’s corporate in-house legal department.

  • You can create the following types of Legal Requests in Smart Legal Counsel:
    • Civil Case
    • Contract Reviews
    • Dispute Resolution
    • General Requests
    • Legal Closures
    • NDA, and
    • Police Case

  • Tasks are specific activities undertaken on various legal matters that can be created in each module of the Smart Legal Counsel software. Tasks can be billable and non-billable in nature. Billable tasks need to have an “hourly rate” entered against them, while creating such tasks.

  • Yes, tasks can be fully automated in Smart Legal Counsel. Each task can also be created with its own pre-defined “Start Date” and “Due Date”, for reminding users about its current status. Additionally, users can even set a timer to each task for repeating reminders like “Repeat every week”, “Repeat every month”, “Repeat each fortnight” and so on.

  • The most important things to be noted while creating a Civil Case request is to ensure that you enter all sections in the Civil Case data entry section like “Company Documents”, “Total Open Outstanding Dues”, “Sales Document Status”, “Details of Return Cheque”, “Additional information of returned cheques”, “Details of PDC”, “Amount of the Civil Case”, “Guarantee cheques” and “Previous Case Details” section.

  • A contract review is a type of Legal Request where all details about a contract between parties is entered. You can enter Contract Reviews in the “Contract Review” section of “Legal Requests” in Smart Legal Counsel."

  • Generally, contracts can be classified as:
    • AMC
    • Brokerage Agreement
    • POA
    • Legal
    • Purchase Contracts
    • Sales Contracts
    • Business Agreements
    • Purchase Agreements

    And so on...

  • The “SLA” field in Contract Review is needed for setting the priority of the Contract Review ticket created by the user in Smart Legal Counsel. The SLA of a ticket determines whether the work mentioned in the ticket needs to be done as “low”, “medium”, “high” or “urgent” work.

  • Yes, any contract review ticket created in Smart Legal Counsel can be downloaded onto the user’s device and printed as and when needed.

  • The dashboard of any module in Smart Legal Counsel is the most important section a user sees, the moment (s)he logs into his / her account in Smart Legal Counsel. The dashboard has a current running status of tickets on the top, followed by a listing of tickets of each type listed below. Every ticket in each module has the “View”, “Edit” and “Delete” options available when you hover the mouse over it.

How to Automate Legal Firms?

Implement a trusted brand's automation software in your department. The automation helps you to manage the Legal Corporate Data of your entities and companies in one single place by tracking all information related to matters and allows you to keep track of multiple variations of the document.


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Basic Edition

Smart Legal Counsel

For Small Legal Counsel - Upto 5 Users Legal Counsel Modules.

  • + Legal Process Automation (Basic).

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Standard Edition

Smart Legal Counsel

For Medium Legal Counsel - Upto 20 Users Legal Counsel Modules.

  • + Client Portal.
  • + Legal Process Automation (Basic).
  • + Outlook Email Integration.
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Premium Edition

Smart Legal Counsel

For Large Corporate Legal Counsel- Unlimited Users Legal Counsel Modules.

  • + Client Portal.
  • + Legal Process Automation (Advanced).
  • + Outlook Email Integration.
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Why Do You Need Smart Legal Counsel?

Use best software solution that simplifying all tasks and automating activities in your in-house legal departments. SMART LEGAL COUNSEL helps you to share information with colleagues and maintain records of approved legal clauses for use in contracts to reduce inconsistency and errors.


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