Smart Legal Counsel - Corporate Legal Case Management Softwarefor In-house Legal Department

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Solution for In-house Legal Department

Any fast paced modern legal department needs to have a corporate legal case management solution to make their day to day activities faster and efficient. Time of Excel sheet and Email based IT automation is gone in the modern era of smart generation and advanced digital technologies. In the trend of Technology and Digitalization not having a Corporate Legal Case Management Software in an organization is like not having Smart phone in pocket of a Professional.

Successful In house legal counsels says that days of hard work are gone, it’s the time to do SMART work.

We transform your work place to SMART Legal Counsel.

There was time when we used to waste lot of time in documentation, filling, keeping data safe was a big challenge and lot more process to which a company’s legal team has to go through

But modern cloud based Corporate Legal Case Management Software has made things very effective and time saving

Cloud based Software is a game changer as it provides secured accessibility of data from any location on your device with internet- Enabled device with convince of mobile, easy- access information at affordable price.

Subscription Model Or Low Cost Full Ownership Model. Which Is Better?

Many companies provide Case/Matter Management Solution to enterprises on a monthly or yearly billing model that offer Pay as you go or leasing model. Your data lies in service provider’s server.

BEVERON one time low cost model with ownership

Beveron Law Firm Management Solution focuses On-Premise and Own Private Cloud solutions that gives full data ownership and control, at an affordable pricing. Beveron can customize the solution as per your unique business processes and deliver.

Questions which are asked frequently by clients!

Can you customize the solution as per our business needs?

Yes! we can customize and deliver the solution as per your growing business needs. We can enhance the solution as and when needed with customizations.

Can we migrate data?

We can help you to migrate data from your old Excel sheets and other applications. We need to analyse the data before confirming migration possibilities.

What is your support model?

We have a dedicated Support Center to assist you when needed support that is available during business hours.

Can we have a trial version before we decide on purchase?

Yes, we can provide you trial version for you to evaluate our solution. Please contact us for a trial version.

Can you provide money back if not satisfied with solution?

Yes, we are pretty confident that our solution fits for the needs of in house legal counsels. If you are not satisfied with the features we can refund payment if you inform us within 30 days of implementation.