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Smart Lawyer Office - Case Management Software for law firms

Smart Lawyer Office is a comprehensive, web based and easy to use software for law offices, legal departments and individual lawyers

Automating business operations

Centralized repository of all clients and cases/matters

State of the art technology based solution used by law offices all around the world

Work from anywhere,any time,on any device-Maximize productivity

Smart Lawyer Office - Everything you need to run your law firm smoothly and efficiently

Smart Lawyer Office works towards making the lives of lawyers easy by providing them with competent web-based solutions to function smoothly. With a few swipes and clicks everything going on in a lawyer's office i.e. from sales to case management, billing, document management, clients’ management, task management, and so on can be handled and taken care of. We provide the help and support that lawyers need to function effectively, efficiently, and without any hassle.

If you are in need of a business that is automated for faster, more accurate, and user-friendly solutions while keeping the cost of operation under control, then you have to choose Smart Lawyer Office. We work with a determination and focus to help lawyers and give them the kind of superlative experience they want. Our dedication towards constant satisfaction of lawyers and their offices makes us a renowned and popular choice across the globe.

Why should you choose Smart Lawyer Office?

It is time you get organized and proceed towards achieving higher goals with our software product. We provide -

Automate your business to save time and the occurrence of human errors

Profitable solutions are offered that can reduce the overall cost of operation.

The second to none futuristic web solutions provided to lawyers across the globe.

The freedom to choose the place, time and device you work from and help you run your business more efficiently

Enhancing productivity of employees in a hassle-free manner.

One system that takes care of all the cases and the documents in a centralized manner

Special attention will be paid to data security and access to information will be limited.

On premise or cloud-based implementation ; Beveron provides flexible and reliable software solutions for your law firm.

Why Us?

Smart Lawyer Office software solution has been tailor made to manage your business. Be it a lawyer's office, an individual legal practitioner or the legal department of an organization - this software solution can take care of everything.

The authentic range of features that will walk your way when you use Smart Lawyer Office are as follows.

Managing different cases or matters related to law firms

Legal Calendaring

Time Tracking.

Managing every kind of legal document with the help of a centralized system

Payments and Billing.

Tracking the expenses of the firm.

Contract Management.

Client management and support

Developed by the Beveron Technologies, Smart Lawyer Office continues to be the choice of every lawyer across the world for its easy to use software solutions along with the completeness it offers. The flexible payment methods along with the budget friendly solutions makes it even more preferable. Beveron pays special attention to the specifications mentioned by different legal departments, lawyers and their offices. It is made sure that the software provided by Beveron runs smoothly and maximizes the productivity of the business. The combination of best team, tools, and process from Beveron will be the reason behind your business’s exponential growth and success. Achieve the targets your business has towards employee satisfaction, overall growth, and success without burning a hole in your bank balance.

Smart Lawyer Office simplifies the different procedures and processes involved in a law firm. So, choose the best option available and save time, effort, and resources for the rest of your life.

The software product that is the best choice around the globe

With great pride we present our clients with the best software product. This custom-made solution for lawyers provides the performance and the consistent quality they need. Our software product is followed by a trail of successful record for being secure, effective, reliable, user friendly, and efficient. It is time you get Smart Lawyer Office that encompasses all the solutions your law firm needs. Increase your firm’s efficiency and scale of operation with one trustworthy decision

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