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Each Law firm has its specific needs. We help legal firms to choose the best technology for your
office and take your legal team to next level.

Our software products to run your legal offices smoothly and efficiently

Choose a smart legal software solution from us that contain everything you need to run a legal office efficiently. These are fully integrated Case Management Solution for firms of all sizes, in all practice areas and jurisdictions.

Smart Lawyer Office

A powerful web-based legal software solution designed to control all the case/ matters in your law offices, legal departments and individual lawyers where the entire case file is in one place.

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Smart Legal Counsel

A complete cloud-based software to manages all the static documents, workflow-based documents, legal cases & matters in your in-house legal department.

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Smart Debt Collection

A modern web based, debt recovery software platform for collection agencies, attorneys, corporate companies and government agencies.

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Smart Legal Contract

Full contract life cycle management solution for legal professionals making life easier by consolidating contract requests template driven contract creation, multi level approvals.

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Smart Legal Management Software for Law Firms

Best law firm management software helps to control and monitor of all legal affairs that happened in a law firm. This always keep an eye on maintaining the uniformity of data, reduce time lag between the communication.
Automating business operations.
Centralized repository of all clients and cases/matters.
State of the art technology-based solution used by law offices all around the world.
Work from anywhere, any time, on any device-Maximize productivity.

Why Should You Choose Our Smart Legal Software Solutions?

It is time you get organized and proceed towards achieving higher goals with our legal software product. We provide:
Automate your business to save time and the occurrence of human errors.
Profitable solutions are offered that can reduce the overall cost of operation.
The second to none futuristic web solutions provided to lawyers across the globe.
The freedom to choose the place, time and device you work from and help you run your business more efficiently.
Enhancing productivity of employees in a hassle-free manner.
One system that takes care of all the cases and the documents in a centralized manner.
Special attention will be paid to data security and access to information will be limited.
On premise or cloud-based implementation; Beveron provides flexible and reliable legal software solutions for your law firm.

Why Beveron?

With great pride we present our clients with the best legal software product. This custom-made solution for lawyers provides the performance and the consistent quality they need. Our software product is followed by a trail of successful record for being secure, effective, reliable, user friendly, and efficient. It is time you get smart legal office software that encompasses all the legal solutions your law firm needs. Increase your firms efficiency and scale of operation with one trustworthy decision. The authentic range of features that will walk your way when you use our Smart legal Office software products are as follows:

Managing different cases or matters related to law firms.
Legal Calendaring.
Time Tracking.
Managing every kind of legal document with the help of a centralized system.
Payments and Billing.
Tracking the expenses of the firm.
Contract Management.
Client management and support.

Frequently Asked Question

  • A smart web-based case management system can reduce the overall cost of case operation in your legal firms and enhancing productivity of employees in a hassle-free manner. SMART LAWYER OFFICE takes care of all the cases and the matter documents in a centralized manner in your law firms.

  • Select a high-end debt collection software SMART DEBT COLLECTION to track all your department's collection accounts and keeps all your debt recovery data and information in one place with detailed financial settings and tracking, demand notice and legal notice generation, data exchanges, automations, scheduling, integrations, client reporting, billing &expenses tracking.

  • A best Corporate Legal Management Software like Smart Legal Counsel facilitates in house legal counsels and legal departments with end-to-end legal reviews management, court cases management, SLA based tracking, document management and advanced analytics with necessary notifications and reminders in a collaborative mode.

  • An advanced debt collection software like SMART DEBT COLLECTION facilitates debt collection agencies or departments with end-to-end defaulter management, follow ups, expenses, billing, recovery automation and advanced analytics. It automates most of the aspects of the debt recovery process.

  • Every lawyer needs an easy-to-use cloud-based software like SMART LAWYER OFFICE for their legal departments that offers an efficient contact management, litigation cases, document management, money management, time tracking and task management.

  • SMART LAWYER OFFICE is a cloud-based case management software which is suitable for small to large sized lawyer firms and legal departments with a powerful and easy-to-use dashboard that lets you to manage your law firm securely from anywhere.

  • SMART LAWYER OFFICE is popular cloud-based billing software programs developed specifically for lawyers and legal departments that handles legal billing, document management and trust accounting.

  • SMART LAWYER OFFIC acts as a best CRM for legal firms and legal practitioners which will boost your law firm productivity and attract more clients. This law firm CRM creates and maintain a strong relationship with your potential and existing customers and thus enhances your sales.

  • SMART LAWYER OFFIC is widely recognized as the best web based legal billing software specially designed for law offices, legal departments and individual lawyers enables them to track consulting time and receive payment for their services.

  • SMART LAWYER OFFICE is the leading law practice management software all around the world that are cloud-based, secure, and easy-to-use. This legal practice management solution lets you to manage your law firm securely from anywhere at any time.

  • With SMART LAWYER OFFICE you can track time from your computer that automatically syncs your data. This lawyers office software also helps you to track even in offline mode and sync the data later.

  • SMART LAWYER OFFICE is a number one law practice management software that lets an accounting system integration so that you can easily import your timesheet data and use it for invoicing, tax calculations and payroll.

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