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Issues faced by our clients whilst using Smart Debt Collection, and how we resolved them?

As most debt-collection agencies in UAE know by now, Beveron Technologies LLC is a pioneer in the field of automated debt-collection solutions for the outstanding debt-recovery sector. Our Smart Debt Collection tool is a complete cloud-based solution for both first-party and third-party debt recovery institutions and agencies.A good debt-collection platform ideally must have the following main features / modules

1)      End-to-end Borrower Management
2)      End-to-end Recovery Agent Management, and
3)      Advanced Debtor stats and analytics

Beveron’s Smart Debt Collection recovery platform incorporates all the above features in a neat and comprehensive package, ensuring that your client as well as the borrower are always in sync when it comes to outstanding payment alerts, automated reminder e-mails, borrower profiles, outstanding amounts of each borrower, and much more.

How is bulk data export managed in debt collection?

Now, while interacting with customers and clients already using Smart Debt Collection, we often heard a refrain about data export functionalities of debtors not as intuitive and granular as they would have liked, for achieving complete productivity while using the tool. Guess what! We heard them and have now rolled out the following new features that are being deployed across all users of our platform, even as we speak. In our Smart Debt Collection platform, we have incorporated a couple of new features for debt-recovery field agents to export their debtor profile data in bulk. These options are:

1)      Bulk Export to Excel, and
2)      Bulk Export by number of rows (user-defined).

This has been done to ensure that SDC users can export and manage client / debtor data both in bulk, or a specified number of rows, using minimal efforts and time.

How does the auto-dialer feature simplify your debt collection      process?

Another new feature that has been added to Smart Debt Collection as per client feedback, is the AUTO DIALER feature. This feature includes the following:

§  Client will be on auto dialer calling system
§  The call details will then be updated into the respective caller fields
§  The updates of all day-to-day calls can be easily imported to the Smart Debt Collection software by the “Bulk Import” feature explained above.

The process of calling individual debtors was an extremely time-consuming task for most of our clients and Beveron made it quick, simple, and effective by adding this new feature.