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Accelerating Debt Collection by 100 Percentage

The project's recipient is a consulting firm in the UAE that offers an extensive range of services such as Outsourcing- credit card, FVA, CPV, data entry, telesales; Facilities, HR, Payroll and Back Office Management support to various industries.The firm encountered various difficulties in their operations, particularly in the realm of debt collection. They are a firm with huge collection of data and thus it was very difficult to handle them separately.

Our implementation

The customization of the pre-built software to address the company's challenges was a complex process. Both the client and the Beveron team worked through any difficulties that arose during each stage of customization as the implementation was done using the actual data in their systems.

The main modifications carried out in this project are as follows:

1. The debt collection team faced a significant challenge in managing the large volume of accounts receivable data received from a third party auto dialer system. The frequent updates made it difficult to keep track of using spreadsheet-based manual updates.Therefore, bulk importing and bulk deleting were performed.

2.The customers were contacted twice a week using a third-party auto dialer system, and reports generated from these calls were saved as unique ID, file number, status, and dial number in Excel or CSV format. These reports were then exported to the debt collection software, where they were matched with the existing data in the system and overwritten.

The implementation of the Smart Debt Collection software brought about a significant transformation in the company's business growth. The company's recovery rates doubled, leading to a reduction in overdue accounts. Customer satisfaction improved due to more efficient debt collection and better communication with clients. The company's efficiency and operational costs were also boosted by automation.