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Automated Legal-Tech Helps Reduce Legal Burnout

Published On : January 2, 2023

With the amount of cases mounting these days and other legal issues, corporate professionals are struggling with burnout. Survey by Gartner in October 2021 revealed that around 50 to 55% of in-house counsel reported burnout cases differing in various degrees. Legal business can lead to high levels of chronic stress & exhaustion and around 60 to 70% legal professionals plan to quit their jobs. Keen observations and analysis showcase that this level of legal burnout is a business problem. Burnouts lead to decreased productivity, and low morale that wreak havoc in a business set up. As per Stanford Social Innovation Review, burnout cost the businesses between around 100 to 200 billion dollars annually. Since burnouts affect all the nuances of a business by striking at its very core that keeps an organization afloat, our focus lies in devising techniques that prevent burnout from creeping in into a business setup.

Processes done to support A Company’s Wellbeing

A genius idea and process to support the wellbeing of a company is to review individual workloads with remedy for over-allocation. Rebalancing workloads by taking off excess work from over-worked employees comes as a huge relief to the work force which improves the overall work ethics and work culture. This process can reduce and nullify burnout by around 10 to 15%, which is a substantial amount. Project Management perspective gets employed wherein employees are mandated to endure enough billable work to fill around 70 to 80% of the entire working hours with the rest taken for much needed breaks. Research and surveys have shown that assigning more workloads can this amount can reduce performances by increasing unnecessary mistakes. The 20 to 30% time an employee gets, help them catch their breath as it becomes a buffer period for anything that comes up unexpectedly. It improves productivity as proven scientifically. Instances and analysis of results showcase that the sooner you start to approach workloads with this perception, the better you will be able to deal with unnecessary legal burnouts. For instance, if you are the team project manager, work with your employees to review the timings and how much work gets done with the 80% productivity you mandate rather than anything above it. Also, the legal software gets used by businesses to get a feel for who is working on what and the mental capacity with which they are working.
Creating meaningful work opportunities can drive engagement to the right channel that increases the flow of productivity by polishing out the “burnout stones”. Every employee should be assigned work as per their strengths rather than forcing them to underperform for the sake of productivity. Remember, underperformances lead to burnouts, which businesses are trying to avoid & eliminate at all costs. Once the lawyers start to personally fulfill their work, it has the greatest impact that prevents burnout from happening. The highly engaged attorneys usually are innovative with their work culture that improves the department processes as well as finding new ways to help business partners meet various objectives. Thus, the burnout factor does not get affected when automated legal tech gets used, which brings in innovation, takes out stress, and improves productivity by helping lawyers or attorneys to stop tiring out due o excess workload.
Connecting with team members regularly helps keep a cordial relation among people in the same setup. As is known, burnout gets compounded when certain employees feel isolated without any support. It is a common knowledge that taking the time to connect people on a human level helps them feel valued and happier in the workplace. A weekly check-in along with individual meetings and surveys help out in connecting with all team members, which prevents burnout from happening. The automated legal-techs help in finding time for all these activities. Also, this helps with sharing appropriate mental health resources, which aids in tackling legal burnouts. Employee assistance programs help in addressing the burnout issue completely as well. Through the automated legal techs and other means, reach out to all departments in your legal business organization to know how they address the burnout issues. If you find something interesting and noteworthy, share it with your team just like an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). All project leaders should take appropriate steps to prevent burnout processes probably through using the automated legal tech in an effective way. Preventing burnouts make people more empathetic towards others, which in turn improve the productivity. Investing in automated legal tech solutions reduces the amount of routine and monotonous tasks. Thus, the automated legal tech gives back legal employees, the valuable time and energy that focuses on more strategic and fulfilling work. We, Beveron, help you out with all your automated legal tech solutions and the processes involved, which improves your legal business productivity.

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