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What is legal project management?

Legal Project Management (LPM) is, in simple terms, adopting project management  techniques in a legal context. In today’s modern and digital world, lawyers may often need to  perform the role of Project Managers or play a crucial role in a legal project team and it will  help them and their clients significantly, if they can understand and apply some of the  principles and practices found in LPM. 

What is the importance and value of Legal Project Management? 

  • With the growth of the digital age, modern, connected and techno-savvy law firm clients are demanding greater efficiency, clearer and more real-time communication, and an easier online signature and payment process. This demand hasresulted in providing greater impetus to adopt stricter project management systems for both, large and small law firms. 
  • In today’s legal sector, a robust project management plan is a critical factor for your firm’s success as it – 
  • Evaluates the risks of each potential case more effectively. 
  • Clearly maps out responsibilities and deadlines, and all other aspects of any case.
  • Balances individual and team workloads, thus improving team morale significantly.
  • Avoids all unwanted (and expensive!) misunderstandings with clients. 
  • Legal project management systems also enhance the productivity and efficiency of your law firm since they offer: 
  • Better organization for every case (thus offering you more time for new case work). • Automated systems for increasing law firm revenues. 
  • More transparent and trackable case progress. 

One of the best ways to implement a legal project management system is through the use of good law firm software. 

How does good law firm software help law firms? 

A legal project management system is your best road map for organizing all aspects of client communication and payments, team management, case-work, and various routine admin duties. Additionally, top law firm software helps you quickly and proactively manage and improve all aspects of your law firm’s day-to-day operations, and it has many worthwhile benefits such as: 

More Transparent Client Communication 

Managing and organizing client contracts by using a legal project management system sets well-defined and clear terms, pricing, and timelines upfront — so your clients are never

surprised unpleasantly. This includes clear and precise real-time communication with clients on all changes, so they are informed every step of the way. A well-rounded and transparent system translates into happier clients, thereby improving the chances of five-star reviews and new referrals for your law firm. 

Automated office Calendars for meetings and appointments 

Using good case management software improves delegation and planning process for your law firm’s team. Using top law firm software systems are one of the best ways to improve your law firm’s overall management and organization. These law firm software easily integrate into your existing calendar, email, and phone systems to manage your staff’s time on the case. For instance, Beveron’s Smart Lawyer Office combines all appointments, meetings, and eventsinto one calendar — thusimproving deadlines. In addition, allscheduled events are color-coded by type for complete clarity. 

Better Team Management and enhanced workflows 

Law firm software also allow you to improve your legal firm’s workflow by managing each aspect of every client case from a single source. When using case management software for lawyers, you can quickly and easily assign specialized team members to specific cases and set clear deadlines and expectations for them, even before the work begins. In return, each team member can then provide their time entries, work documents, and case status updates. As a result, you’ll always have full access to your team’s work per case (as it happens), and your team will have an easier time organizing every element of their work responsibilities. 

Using best Case Management Software also improves workflow from cloud-based legal document management software. Having a single source for all case-related documents allows every team member to store and access all work from a central location — per case. 

In fact, when you use good law office software, your team can also securely and efficiently set up e-signature processes with clients for quicker client agreements. For easy integration, most law firm software solutions these days are compatible with existing document tools like Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. 

To summarize…. 

With Legal Project Management (LPM), you’re focusing on a proactive rather than a reactive “wing it” approach. Adopting this system will pay off in the long run by improving your firm’s productivity as well as profitability. Beveron’s legal software solutions makes it easy for your law firm to integrate easily into a lean and robust project management system.