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Why should a law firm become ISO Certified?

Published On : July 18, 2022

ISO 27001 is a global standard for managing information security, initially developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). While one of many standards under the ISO/IEC 27000 umbrella, ISO 27001 is generally, the most well-known and widely prevalent of these standards. ISO 27001 standard outlines requirements organizations should follow to establish, maintain, and monitor an information security management system, regardless of size.

There are many benefits of getting a law firm ISO 27001 certified:

ISO 27001 certification protects law firms

The most apparent benefit of ISO 27001 certification is that it helps law firms avoid security breaches! This security standard helps law firms identify the training, resources, and technology needed to secure their organization against attacks and inadvertent disclosure.

ISO 27001 certification protects clients

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates to your clients that you are meeting globally accepted standards for information security. Proving a commitment to security can undoubtedly strengthen your client relationships—after all, building trust with your clients is a key component of a successful practice.

ISO 27001 certification boosts law firm business

ISO 27001 certified law firms may also be more attractive to prospective clients. Security savvy clients want to work with organizations that can meet high standards for information security. In some cases, ISO 27001 certification may be non-negotiable for prospective clients.

ISO 27001 certification doesn’t have to be complicated

ISO 27001 certification may sound complex, but there are easy ways to ensure that you are storing data securely. For example, instead of obtaining ISO 27001 certification, you can use products that meet ISO 27001 certification requirements.

For example, Clio’s industry-leading security takes the guesswork out of data protection. By staying on top of the latest in cybersecurity, meeting various compliance requirements, and testing regularly, Clio is continuously committed to security. Clio’s hosting facilities are audited annually for ISO 27001 certification to ensure they employ advanced physical security measures such as biometrics, CCTV cameras, and 24/7 on-site security.

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