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Why is Beveron considered one of the top organizations in Legal Technology

Published On : August 17, 2022

We’re well into the 3rd decade of the new millennium. This is the age of AI, NLP and automation. The LegalTech market is booming. Multiple legal sector surveys predict an overall economic impact of around $150 billion by 2025 — nearly double the impact the market had in 2019!!.

While this is great news for corporate legal departments looking to invest in new legal technology, it can also feel overwhelming trying to sort through so many different brands and products in the legal market. It is into this crowded and yet technologically blooming sector that Beveron Technologies LLC and its LegalTech solutions come in. We believe what sets Beveron apart among top legal technology companies is much more than our software or profit margins. It’s more about what we as a LegalTech pioneer choose to do to make a positive and lasting impact on our customers and team, the legal profession, and the larger society. For us, that includes acting on client feedback, publicly sharing helpful resources, and building a team that views thought-differences as strengths.This type of meaningful work creates much more deeper partnerships instead of just transactional relationships. These connections and conversations spark ideas that help our customers and business to grow and succeed. 

We’re known for the value we bring to the table in the legal sector

When we originally set about designing and creating software products for the legal sector, we created them in a way that our top-of-the-line tech and software has to be user friendly, first and foremost. Our easy, smooth & intuitive design means that legal departments and vendors can pick it up as easily as using a smartphone. And obviously, when you don’t have to spend  as  much time learning how to use a new product, you can jump immediately into making progress on your business goals. Our  legal management platform is very well known across Dubai and the wider GCC region for saving customers money and time and helping legal ops collaborate with outside counsel.

Cost savings

We know a strong return on investment is top of mind for every Board / Senior Management, and Beveron’s products bring it:

      Our customers save an average of 9% on legal spend.

      We helped multiple legal departments save over $500,000 each during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time savings

Everything your law firm / corporate legal department / debt collection agency needs is in one place with our platforms like Smart Lawyer Office for law firms, or Smart Legal Counsel for corporate in-house legal departments and Smart Debt Collection recovery tool for debt-recovery agencies. We keep all our software products user-friendly and simple, to also decrease the time spent learning how to navigate it.

Enhanced vendor collaboration

Our software platforms makes it easier to manage multiple vendors thanks to the following:

    Pre-set outside counsel guidelines

    Automatic accrual reminders

    Automated recovery due reminders

Just take it from IndiaLaw, which saw 100% e-Billing adoption from their vendors once they started using our platform.

Innovative features

Just because our platform is easy-to-use and  simple,  doesn’t  mean it isn’t powerful. From artificial intelligence (AI) to optical character recognition, we incorporate current cutting-edge features that help you stay on top of your game as new technologies emerge.

We prioritize data security and privacy

Companies faced 50% more cyber attacks per week in 2021 than in 2020, according to surveys. The average data breach cost also hit an all-time high of $4.24 million in 2021. Beveron is laser- focused on maintaining rigorous cybersecurity measures to protect your sensitive legal data from cyber-criminals. 

This includes:

    Encryption at rest and in transit

    Vulnerability scanning

    Least privilege access control

    Security penetration testing

    Regular compliance audits and weekly security updates 

Our dedication to our customers is well-known

As Brijesh Chedayan, CEO of Beveron says, “Every important decision we make, internal process we design, and initiative we  pioneer, always has the customer in mind.” It may sound cliché, but we truly believe that our customer’s success is our success. We give each client personal attention and meet them where they are, from big-name enterprises like Bin Eid, MyCon and Convention360 to small businesses and startups. And from reading customer reviews and seeing our ratings, we know our customers are thrilled with this level of support.Our clients get top-class business value from working closely with our dedicated employees, especially our Marketing & Sales team members. This department serves as the primary point of contact for additional software training, advice on best practices, and even business reviews with company stakeholders.All of our teams share the feedback we get from customers internally. We then use these key client insights to continuously optimize products and processes, all with the end goal of creating the best customer experience possible.

We’re looked upon as thought leaders in the LegalTech industry

Beveron creates knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities for legal ops professionals that drive innovation and growth. The Beveron online community lets customers connect, share advice, and take part in training webinars that help clients make the most   of our legal technology solution. It also allows members to get to know our trusted business partners, who offer top-shelf consulting and support services.

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