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Which is the best legal practice management software for Dubai - UAE Law firms

Published On : June 25, 2022

Which is the best legal practice management software for Dubai - UAE Law firms

Smart Lawyer Office is the most popular legal practice management software available in English and Arabic languages to automate law firm activities. It uniquely combines case management, client collaboration, documents handling and finance to help legal teams and law firm to achieve their goals, accelerate team productivity and deliver a 5-star client experience.

What is legal case management software?

Legal Case Management Software can be used to track where you are positioning with different matters that you handle by collecting data from your team in real time. Legal Software will help you to manage all aspects of your legal cases and you can focus on your job.

How can law firm benefit with Legal software in UAE?

Once you’ve set the Smart Lawyer app as you want, you can use it to more easily manage matters and tasks you and your team need to track. And with custom notifications and reminders as well as detailed permissions settings, your law firm will be streamlined and optimized.

What makes Smart Lawyer Office particularly great for legal matter management are the features for collaboration, various reports and its easiness to use.

Which law firms need to use Legal Software in UAE?

For a law firm, Smart Lawyer Office  serves as the most suitable automation platform. If you are running a law firm whether it is small or large in size, clients, matters and finance management activities are crucial for growth as minimum. As the whole world is flying in the wings of technology taking all its advantages , law firms must take advantages of it for streamlining and optimizing for faster growth.

How legal software can improve productivity in UAE?

Smart Lawyer Office software comes with matter templates, so it’s easy to create and populate new matters with standard processes for each. You can customize your legal tasks and assign team with statuses to let your team know what to prioritize, track and update completion live status without any follow up. This legal management suit has inbuilt productivity improvement tools for legal enquiries tracking, hearings tracking, timesheets tracking and payment schedules tracking.

What are the features of a Legal Software in UAE?

Key essential features of a legal software are as minimum:

  • Legal Enquiries Management
  • Fee proposals and revenue tracking
  • Clients Management
  • Document Management
  • Litigations and Non Litigations management
  • Payment Schedule, Billing and Collections
  • Legal Expenses Tracking
  • Financials management

What features make Smart Lawyer Office as best Legal Software in UAE

This user friendly legal software provides law firms with editable matters templates, advanced proposal development tools,  document library, powerful reporting, real-time activity monitoring, and efficient approval workflow. Smart Lawyer Office  can be a great fit for all types of law firms. One of the great things about Smart Lawyer Office is that it enables lawyers to track a case’s financials with ease. You can see a case’s profitability at a glance, compare its estimated effort with actual and total expenses and revenue.

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