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What are the benefits of Case Management software for modern law firms

Published On : November 12, 2022

LegalTech platforms have come a long way in the past few years. Firms are gradually but  definitely going paperless, with nearly 60% now operating in the cloud. Tech-savvy firms have  realized that tedious manual tasks — right from document creation to client communication  — can now be almost entirely automated. Indeed, with every passing year, technology  continues to mold and redefine the legal profession. As a result, legal firms are now looking  for new tools, including free case management software solutions. Practice management and case management software are key tools in 21st-century  attorneys’ armories. They provide a single, cloud-based source of truth where firms can  manage their workload and grow their business. However, with so many options on the  market, including free practice management software, it can be hard to choose the right case  management software for your firm. This article explores what case management software is, explains what to look for in a  provider, and assesses the top vendors currently on the market, including free case  management software providers. Note: This article also discusses providers that offer free  trials. The features available during free trials may differ from those available in paid  subscriptions.

What is case management software?

Case management software provides firms with a single source of truth where they can store,  access, and manage key client data. This includes case notes, contact information,  appointments, client communications, billing details, and more.

What should you be looking for in a good Case Management app?

The answer to this is — There’s no easy, one-size-fits-all answer here. Each law firm’s needs  are different — solo practitioners practicing wills and estates virtually will likely require  different features and integrations than a general practice firm having multiple employees  and interns working for it.

With that said, some common must-haves apply across the board, like:


Law firms should try and procure case management software that prioritizes integrations.  This is very important. Most law firms use multiple tools within the space of any given day:  Case management software, e-mail software, accounting software, and so on. Integrating  with all these tools ensures that data passes seamlessly from one tool to the next, thus  automatically removing the chance of data silos.Conversely, firms that can’t integrate their tools will struggle. Attorneys and employees will  waste precious time digging around for separate sets of data stored here, there, and  everywhere. They’ll lack a single source of truth — and consequently, they’ll lack clarity.


As far as possible, always opt for cloud-based case management software providers like  Beveron’s Smart Lawyer Office for instance. This allows attorneys to work productively from  anywhere, anytime, and using any device. With remote working set to continue moving  forward, this is more important than ever before. Of course, its benefits also extend to  attorneys who regularly spend their days in court or meeting clients — in other words, away  from their computers.


Select a case management provider who delivers reliable and 24 / 7 customer support. Who  knows when you might encounter an unexpected technical glitch. And when they do occur,  you need to know your vendor will work tirelessly to help your firm get back up and running  from a technical standpoint. Tip: Look for award-winning, 24-hour customer support from  your vendor. Continuing the same track, an uptime guarantee is also something you should  confirm with your vendor.


Prioritize working with a provider who is upfront and transparent about their fees. There’s  nothing worse than seeing an unexpected line item pop up on your invoice, only to be told  that this was indeed in the original contract you signed (written in the tiniest font possible!).  Avoid these types of vendors at all costs. Partner with software providers who are honest  from the get-go.


Protecting the security privacy of your clients’ confidential data is one of your top priorities  as a legal professional. It should also be a top priority for your case management service  provider. Look for a vendor that offers dedicated security professionals, runs regular security  checks, and is compliant with the latest privacy and data security standards.


Finally, firms need to implement case management software that provides value-add  features. For example, that offer sufficient document storage, are versatile, provide data- driven insights, help with client billing, and offer advanced client management capabilities. A  mobile-friendly solution is also critical for today’s on-the-go clients.

To conclude

Case management software is an absolute must for all legal firms today. It provides a single  place for operations, helping firms onboard clients, automate tedious processes, and bill for  their work. Better still, leading case management tools integrate with the rest of firms’ tech  stacks, allowing them to create automated workflows and eliminate data silos. While there are several free case management software providers to choose from, long-term,  we think you’ll see that investment in a paid solution is the best option for your firm. We also  think you’ll see that Beveron Technologies LLC is head and shoulders above the rest.  Beveron’s Smart Lawyer Office automation platform for law firms is flexible and feature rich.  It boasts fantastic customer support capabilities, integrates with leading tools, and has been  recommended by leading law firms across Dubai, UAE, Qatar and the wider GCC Region.


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