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Smart Legal Counsel – Features and Benefits

Published On : July 27, 2022

In today’s digital world, good legal department software is essential for most organizations to help them increase their KPI points by setting up workflows for every stage of the legal process. Furthermore, workflow automation makes it easier and faster to retrieve legal files by keeping all relevant files organized so that lawyers and in-house counsel spend less time working their way up through massive quantities of legal documents.

When discussing about the best legal department Software in Dubai-UAE, one name that constantly springs to mind is Smart Legal Counsel by Beveron Technologies LLC, a Dubai based LegalTech organization, specializing in legal sector Automation.

Now, what are the important features of Smart Legal Counsel, that makes it so widely used in Dubai and wider UAE, as well as other GCC countries? Read on, to find out….

It has a simple & intuitive Legal Request Management system built-in

Smart Legal Counsel has a wide variety of Legal Request types baked directly into the app. You can enter a myriad of legal request types like:

  • Civil Cases
  • Contract Reviews
  • Dispute resolutions
  • General cases
  • Police cases
  • NDA’s

and many more types of legal requests.

Each of these request types has a comprehensive approvals system, built into each type. Every legal request has to go through multiple levels of approvals increasing in seniority, till final approval by the senior management. Only after the final approval is complete, is the legal request considered valid. Once a legal request has all required approvals in place, it becomes a ticket with SLAs for the legal department staff to start working on it.

Let’s now see some other features of Smart Legal Counsel…

Contract Management

Smart Legal Counsel has an integrated contract management system built in that keeps a complete, end-to-end tracking and management of Contracts. The “Contract Review” module has an informative and comprehensive dashboard that immediately gives a complete status wise details of all contract reviews entered in the system, at a glance. The user can view, edit, and delete any contract directly from the dashboard, thus making it extremely convenient for

managing contract information. In addition, you can also export an individual contract as an Excel file, PDF, CSV or even take a print directly from the dashboard. Thus, the dashboard is live and dynamic, allowing users to work on individual contracts directly from within it.

Matter Management

Any legal matter can be entered, managed, and tracked completely in Smart Legal Counsel. Matters can be entered completely as fresh entries, or from pre-defined templates already defined in the “Matter Template” section. Once the user selects a template, (s)he just needs to substitute existing details with the new matter details and save the matter. That’s all. The new legal matter is ready!

Again, as explained above, each matter detail can be exported into multiple file formats and also be printed out if physical prints are required.

Document automation and management

All case-related documents are tracked and managed in a centralized location in Beveron’s Smart Legal Counsel. This ensures that documents stay organized and are easily and quickly retrievable on any device, no matter where you are at any given point in time. Additionally, each document has built-in version-control so that the user can track changes across each of his document and always has document history firmly in control.

To conclude….

Thus, as mentioned above, implementing Smart Legal Counsel in your organization can give you the following benefits:

❖ The in-house legal department can track requests end-to-end, systematically, and comprehensively, thus reducing manual work required in tracing and tracking legal requests.

❖ The legal department can easily meet (and often surpass!) deadlines, both internal and organization wide.

Thus, it can be conclusively proven that the most effective corporate legal departments avoid complications like the ones mentioned above, by using a modern legal ops platform like Beveron’s Smart Legal Counsel. This technological tool streamlines the reporting process and boosts your ability to craft strategic, data-backed recommendations that automatically moves the organization’s business forward.

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