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How to stand out as best lawyer in UAE

Published On : July 11, 2022

There were time when greater legal expertise and word of mouth were enough for people to step into a law firm. In today’s competitive market, if the law firms want to continue to grow their firm with continues revenue growth, must adapt new marketing strategies and get empowered by technology. Client’s expectation and tolerance level have changed. They expect rapid response, innovation and technological advancement. This article will help law firms with three proven tips to keep them in right track with continues revenue growth.

Build your Brand

Your brand is perhaps your law firm’s most valuable asset. A law firm’s brand is best understood as  your firm’s reputation and it’s visibility in the city. The first phase of it is to develop your brand strategy aligned with your firm’s objectives and then develop the components to communicate the brand such as USP, logo, website and Social Media.

Develop Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is the most powerful magnetic marketing strategy for law firms. Instead of pitching your services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects, there by attracts your clients as magnet. Note that traditional awareness building, sponsorships, leaflet distribution etc have less response. On the other hand content marketing increases your visibility and credibility. You also need to have an eye on your website, SEO, Google My Business account and Social Media.  I have conducted few free content marketing workshops for law firms and happy to do more based on request, one per month.

Get into power of Automation

Technology plays a vital role in legal sector’s transformation. It improves legal service delivery,  team collaboration, communication, productivity and efficiency which are key pillars of modern law firms. Automation gives your law firm the advantage of being able to service your clients and attract new legal enquiries more efficiently. Automation improves transparency and governance in your firm there by better client experience can be rendered. Automated self service options such as online appointment and instant updates through client portal make clients closer with you with more trust.

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