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How to get free legal assistance in Dubai?

Published On : June 7, 2021

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department is offering free legal assistance through voluntary legal services smart portal. This initiative is based on a smart portal for voluntary legal services (The Voluntary Legal Services Smart Portal) with url https://probono.legal.dubai.gov.ae/. The portal aims to enhance the involvement of legal professionals in the Emirate of Dubai in pro bono work, ensuring that financially disadvantaged members of the public have access to free legal services and, raising legal awareness in society more generally.

The Voluntary Legal Services Smart Portal will allow the registered advocacy and legal consultancy firms to add their details and specify the areas of law within which they are qualified to provide voluntary legal services (pro bono) to the public. Firm’s details will be made available to members of the public who wish to receive voluntary legal services (pro bono) in order that they may contact legal consultancy or advocacy firms providing such services.

The Voluntary Legal Services Smart Portal, launched by the Department, is not only a charitable act stemming from the collective social responsibility of the Department, advocates and legal consultants in the Emirate of Dubai, but it is in fact one of the most important pioneering and innovative initiatives of charity and community voluntary services, establishing a permanent channel of communication between advocacy and legal consultancy firms taking part in the initiative on one hand and members of the public wishing to receive voluntary legal services (pro bono) on the other hand.

Any individual who needs legal assistance has to register through site and provide a few basic personal details. The application is available in Google Play Store and App Store.

Note: Information gathered from Dubai Legal Affairs Department website.

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