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How is Court Automation implemented in Dubai

Published On : August 13, 2022

Justice and legal systems around the world, across all jurisdictions, are looking at how they can move away from their traditional legacy procedures and paper-based processes to embrace digital technologies. This transition to so-called Digital Justice promises to deliver a range of benefits that focus on delivering faster, fairer and more efficient services and access to justice.

What is Court Automation?

Court Automation, also termed loosely as “Digital Justice”, helps Courts overcome an array of challenges. One of the most obvious challenges in implementing court automation is the fact that resources are limited. As it stands now, court systems in Dubai are almost strained to breaking point as they take on ever more cases with fewer judges, less staff, and smaller budgets. The result is a huge backlog of cases and an ever-growing pending time per case.

Now, when it comes to law firms in Dubai, this challenge manifests itself in the shape of growing competition, from new legal- tech startups through to the big-5 accounting firms and even the cyclic pattern of clients turning to in-house counsel. The end result (and solution) is however the same: the sector needs to reform, focusing on driving efficiencies, and ensuring that services are proportionate and appropriate for the digital economy.

There are several key areas where the attention has focused. First and foremost for Dubai courts, the focus has been on driving efficiencies through automation and enhanced case management. Clearly there are tangible and significant benefits here with timeliness, transparency and the efficient management of cases and files. However, the fundamental processes and procedures have remained broadly the same. For implementing effective court automation, the thinking needs to be bigger. The bar must be set higher in terms of delivering real customer service.

How can LegalTech help in court automation?

For courts, this transition from a physical brick-n-mortar space into a service is very real, and aligns fully with the digital agenda envisioned by the UAE Government. Removing cumbersome aspects from the system such as the burden of paper leads to quicker progress and increased transparency. Electronic capture and e-filing automatically reduces the duplication of effort for all parties. The initiative of court automation in Dubai has also been supported by many IT firms across the Emirate. One amongst them is Beveron Technologies LLC, Dubai. Beveron is a premier IT solutions provider for the legal sector in and around Dubai, wider UAE, Sharjah, Qatar, and many other GCC countries. The firm has been providing LegalTech support for small, medium and large law firms, by way of its Smart Lawyer Office automation platform. Additionally, its Smart Legal Counsel automation solution for corporates is equally widespread and well-received across the corporate sector across Dubai and other GCC regions.

Summing it up…

The move to something like a Digital / Virtual Court can provide a far more effective and accessible venue for pre-trial hearings, interviews and even trials themselves. The combination of technology and new legal processes and procedures can fulfill the invaluable promise and potential of Digital Justice for everyone.

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