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How does a real estate company enhanced their legal features?

Published On : November 17, 2023

We, Beveron Technologies, are proud to share our successful implementation of Smart Legal Counsel Corporate Legal Management System for Safaricom Real Estate Company. This case study showcases how we helped Safaricom streamline their legal processes, reduce costs and risks, and improve collaboration and efficiency.

Safaricom Real Estate Company is a leading provider of affordable housing solutions in Kenya. They have a large and complex portfolio of projects, contracts, and disputes that require effective legal management. However, they faced several challenges in their existing legal system, such as:

- Lack of visibility and control over legal matters
- Manual and time-consuming workflows
- High legal expenses and exposure to litigation
- Inconsistent and outdated data and documents
- Poor communication and coordination among legal teams and stakeholders

To address these challenges, Safaricom decided to partner with Beveron Technologies, a trusted and innovative provider of legal technology solutions. We offered them Smart Legal Counsel Corporate Legal Management System, a comprehensive and cloud-based platform that enables end-to-end legal management.

Smart Legal Counsel Corporate Legal Management System provides the following features and benefits to Safaricom:

- A centralized dashboard that gives a holistic view of all legal matters, statuses, and metrics
- A workflow automation engine that simplifies and standardizes legal processes, such as contract drafting, review, approval, execution, and renewal
- A document management system that stores and organizes all legal documents in a secure and searchable repository
- A risk management module that identifies and mitigates potential legal risks and issues
- A collaboration tool that facilitates seamless communication and coordination among internal and external legal parties
- A reporting and analytics module that generates insightful reports and dashboards on legal performance, trends, and opportunities

By implementing Smart Legal Counsel Corporate Legal Management System, Safaricom achieved significant improvements in their legal operations, such as:

- Increased visibility and control over legal matters
- Reduced legal cycle time and costs
- Enhanced compliance and governance
- Improved quality and accuracy of legal data and documents
- Boosted productivity and efficiency of legal teams and stakeholders

We are delighted to have delivered a successful solution to Safaricom Real Estate Company. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them and supporting their legal transformation journey.

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