How To Create A Paperless Legal Office ?

Going paperless doesn’t mean everything magically falling in place once you decide so. To reap the benefits of a paperless legal office, you need a clear plan. Commit to this 5-step plan to successfully implement one.

1. Choose a Case Management software as a platform for all your law firm digitalization and automation
2. Get Document Scanners: For digitizing existing paper documents, all employees should have access to a document scanner.
3. Online Billing: Create, Send invoices digitally and record payment receipts online. This hassle-free method is faster and more efficient.
4. Good Document Management System: Having a good document management one that syncs with your legal software will allow you to share and collaborate with clients securely.
5. E-Signature Tech: Move to digital signatures saving money and time.

With a strong internet connectivity and a trained set of employees for all the new changes, you can make a smooth switch to a convenient paperless legal office.