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How Agile Methodology can transform your law firm?

Published On : June 9, 2021

Agile Legal Project Management is an essential skillset for a modern lawyer.

The Agile methodology in legal is a way to manage a legal projects by breaking it up into several phases , having constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement at every stage. An agile mindset will help a lawyer to be more client centric, flexible, responsive, reprioritize tasks and maintain a culture of team collaboration.

Here are few principles of Agile project management.

1. Satisfy Clients Through Early and Continuous Delivery

2. Welcome Changing Requirements

3. Build Legal Projects Around Motivated Individuals

4. The Most Effective Way of Communication is Face-to-face

5. Continuous Excellence Enhances Agility

6. Self-organizing Teams Generate Most Value

Implementing agile principles will help your law firm:

  • To be more flexible so you can adapt changes easily
  • Create a healthy working atmosphere where every team member feels appreciated and improve quality of deliverables to clients
  • Focus on early value delivery and faster ROI of your service
  • Make your firm more cost efficient with improved processes

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