The Dubai Courts has launched a new interactive system for case management of the Commercial Court of First Instance, reducing the first hearing date from thirty to nine days.
The new case management system includes effective utilization of modern technology, with defendant notification service via e-mail, SMS and telephone.

The new case management system intends major transformation from the traditional method of dealing with cases to an interactive system by reducing the number of procedures and the comprehensiveness of their submission, and also via the reduction of the periods of time that must be met.

The solution offers great benefits including, rather than having to wait for approximately three months for the defendant’s verification notice, the period has been reduced to an immediate action that is achieved at the same time that the plaintiff registers the case. This will be achieved by entering the required information at the registration desk at the Dubai Courts’ Central Services Section. Then the defendant will receive an e-mail notification, an SMS and a phone call requesting them to collect a copy of the summons and its annexes, in order to be able to prepare their plea and present it during the first hearing.

These proceedings serve to strengthen confidence in the judicial system both locally and internationally by increasing the efficiency of the case management system