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Challenges of being an Old school lover of Legal firms

Published On : February 25, 2022

As the title suggests, what we are aiming is to differentiate two renowned systems of legal Industry, the old school one and the latest legal technology. More than a comparative study, the article dealt with the timeline of legal firms including multiple ups and downs, working strategies, work principles and of course, the discovery of technology in the name of ‘Legal Technology’. Before setting out the article, let me make it clear that there is nothing like cancelling or rejecting the whole work set up of a traditional lawyer and blaming them for their unfunctional, delayed systems in the article. It’s all about answering to a question that How technology successfully replaced all the traditional equations existed and conserved among lawyers. After all, it were those old school ideas that began everything, let’s respectfully disagree with them. Before discussing about the challenges part, let’s get started with the known names of old school system and their way of working.

The ‘Old school era of Legal Industry’ is supposed to represent first generation idea of legal Industry, which are traditional, basic, orthodox in nature and were truly effective and helpful in the primitive phase of this industry. The very basic setup of courtroom, documents, clients, transactions, etc.. can be considered as the basic features of an Old school system in Legal field. But it’s unfortunate to witness that at some point, the same system had become an obstacle to lawyers in their journey to the latest models of legal tech. Going through records of human evolution, it’s already proven that everything, ‘everything includes everything’ will go through a series of changes, processes and modification which will be resulted in the bestest, updated version of that thing. When we applying the same theory to the legal domain, the intervention of technology should be happened a while ago, but the blind faith in traditional ideas delayed that process, which is the first and major drawback of this body of techniques.

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