Covid 19 creates a serious impacts on both our health and economy. The business economy feels many pitfalls during this year. Companies are now searching for new ideas that supports to return their works. They are ready to adapt to changes in their working environment.

In this Covid -19 pandemic situation, most of the organizations are prefer their staff need to work from home for the office. This create a new environment for working. Today much of the populations are working from home.

Business automation has an important role to make this work from home tasks an easy one. It reduces the challenges that we are facing while working remotely. With the help of automation we can grow the business by combining the software and the code procedure to perform particular tasks. Different departments can choose different module to complete their task.

If you are using automation software, then you should aware of that software. Most of the softwares are allowing a real time collaboration and are cloud based. It help to organise tasks with relevant links and documents. These softwares keeps track of all your tasks and allows the staffs to communicate easily.

This work from home environment helps the employees to spend more times with their family. They can increase their productivity in work by doing their jobs in a quiet atmosphere. They can maintain work/home balance and can reduce the stress.