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Aspects of Court Hearings Automation in UAE

Published On : June 16, 2022

In today’s digital economy, where automation pervades all important (and the not-so- important) sectors, the legal sector unfortunately, sorely lags far behind in implementing automation tools and processes. But now, in this post-Covid world, LegalTech, or technology in the legal domain is fast catching up with the latest technologies and software solutions being rapidly deployed across all legal domains.One of the main areas where legal technology can help immensely, is Court Hearings. Whenever we look at technologies that support digitization and automation of court proceedings, we probably will stumble across various incomprehensible legal jargon. But here again, the most inclusive and easily understandable term would be Court Automation.What encompasses Court Automation? The answer to this could be areas like Court Case Management Systems, Court Scheduling Software, Judicial Workflow Management tools, and other such software. All these terms can be included under the broader definition of Court Automation. The common ground between all of them is that they introduce and promote the use of software / AI-based tools to eliminate immense manual efforts usually needed in processing of court cases.

Different aspects of Court Sessions Automation in UAE

To start with, most court automation software is primarily focused on automating court workflow processes. These usually are –

  • Court Case Management

  • Court Scheduling

  • Electronic case filing

  • Electronic case details filling processes

  • Automated judge allocation, and

  • Self-service in courthouses.

As you can see above, if just these six court processes can be automated, the benefits rise exponentially. Introducing software-based automation into the above areas and more, will substantially decrease, or even eliminate manual efforts in processing of court cases.

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