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5 ways to market your law firm effectively in UAE

Published On : June 26, 2022

Law firm marketing can be described as the practice of attracting new potential clients to your  law firm. A law firm’s marketing plan can cover a mix of digital marketing, SEO, blogging, print  and digital ads. An effective marketing plan should ideally also include many other tactics,  including leveraging law firm marketing technology to automate various tasks. 

But no matter how you approach it, developing content for marketing your firm can easily  consume a lot of your time and energy. For instance, deciding where to invest your resources,  money, and time so that your law firm grabs attention and eyeballs, while simultaneously focus on practicing law and running your firm can be a delicate and often tricky balance. The  objective is to determine which methods are most effective, depending on your firm’s specific  marketing goals. 

But don’t worry. With the right plan and approach, you can easily develop and execute a  marketing plan for any large or small law firm. You can use the following steps to help you  achieve your goal, whether you want to create a sustainable solo practice or rapidly grow  your firm. 

Here are some areas to consider when creating a unique marketing strategy for your law firm

Create a well-planned budget 

A detailed and well-thought-out marketing budget is a critical component of any law firm’s  Business Continuity Plan. To figure out how much you need to invest in your law firm’s  marketing initiatives, you’ll first need to identify your business goals and objectives and then  determine how much revenue you will need to make them a reality. Then, you’ll need to  perform a detailed analysis on exactly how many cases per year you will need to bill, to meet  that revenue goal. This will vary from one law firm to another, depending on your practice  area. 

The most important factor not to be overlooked while budgeting for your marketing activities  is this – Once you’ve created the detailed budget for your law firm’s marketing and business  promotion activities, it’s extremely important to stick to your budget, come what may. This is  because, all said and done, getting more cases won’t help your firm grow and prosper, if  you’re not watching the bottom line. 

Ensure that your law firm is active on social media in UAE

To attract and retain potential new clients through online advertising, you need to reach out  and look for them where they are. In today’s digital age, this means only one thing – Social  Media. Today there are a number of social networks to choose from, so you’ll need to figure  out which one suits your law firm and practice the best. With some carefully thought-out investment, advertising on the relevant social media platforms can significantly (and  positively) impact your law firm’s growth.

Here are a few ways to use social media in your law firm marketing: 

  • Try and follow legal leaders on Twitter and engage in thoughtful conversation with  them. 
  • Set up an effective law firm page on LinkedIn. When doing this, always ensure that it’s  separate from your personal LinkedIn profile. And while you’re at it, you can also  optimize your personal LinkedIn page to help you stand out amongst peers and  potential clients. 
  • Additionally, you can also create a Facebook advertising campaign that positions you  as an authority in your space. Doing this will automatically grab eyeballs and attract  new clients.  
  • Apart from the above, make the effort to learn about the process of getting new  clients by reading and researching about how to get clients as a lawyer. 

There’s another important thing to be noted when advertising you / your firm. Always make  sure you’re following ethics and advertising rules within your law firm’s jurisdiction. For  instance, NEVER call yourself a specialist or an expert unless you’ve been formally certified as  such, and be very mindful of creating inappropriate lawyer-client relationships. 

Try Content Marketing 

If you already have a knack for the written word, why not put those skills to use to grow your  law firm? Blogging, or more generally, content marketing, is an excellent way to build your  brand and authority. You can use your own content to show off your expertise in a given area.  And additionally, If you can provide helpful answers to general questions potential clients  might have, you’ll slowly but surely build trust and confidence with them. Demonstrating that  you’re an authority in a particular area makes it more likely that they’ll eventually hire you,  or contact your firm for its services. 

Once you decide to start a blog, take a thoughtful approach, and try to identify evergreen  content marketing topics, specific to the legal domain. Make sure your content has a clear  focus, stick to a regular cadence, and always see to it that you provide quality, helpful  information (without offering specific legal advice, of course). 

Build a neat and hygienic website for your law firm in UAE

It’s the digital age, and your law firm’s website is most often a potential client’s first  impression about you. A neat, well-structured website is your best chance of making a great  first impression on website visitors and surfers who are looking to hire a lawyer. 

To start with, always use top-quality photographs and images. Then, move on to clearly and  concisely state the services you provide and practice areas you cover. Ensure that you  highlight any awards, recognitions, or important experiences you have and make sure your  contact information is prominently displayed.

Make sure that your site is search engine optimized (SEO) 

You have gone all the way, and finally managed to create a superb law firm website to market  your firm. All well and good till now. There’s a small problem though – No one finds it when  they search online!  

Will potential clients ever be aware of you? 

To get the most out of your law firm’s website, you need to ensure that your site follows SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices. For this, the first step is ensuring your site is well designed and non-cluttered. This includes having useful, quality content. This is what search  engines like Google—and the people who use them—are looking for. 

You’ll also want to make sure your content targets long-tail keywords. For instance, instead  of just using the word “lawyer,” try and include the name of your city. Using long-tail  keywords will invariably give you the best chance of competing with other pages and by  extension, being found by potential clients. 

And when optimizing your website, if you need to attract potential clients in a particular  geographical area, ensure that you also set up a proper and detailed Google Business listing.  When listing your business on Google, always provide a clear, useful description of your  services, as well as all relevant contact information.


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