Top debt recovery software for debt collection agencies in Indonesia

A complete solution for Debt Collection Agencies &
Departments in Indonesia

SMART DEBT COLLECTION with Advanced Technology for Debt Recovery Agencies &
Corporate Debt Collection Departments in Indonesia.

Cost-Effective and Advanced Debt Collection Software

Smart Debt Collection is a cloud-based software solution which is ideal for any sized collection agency, debt recovery departments, Banks, credit union, law firms attorneys and debt buyers in Indonesia.
Debt Collection software act as a smarter way to manage your invoices and collect payments from your customers. High end collection software to track all your department's collection accounts and keeps all your debt recovery data and information in one place.
Reduce Bad Debt : Smart Debt Collection generates daily tasks for debt collection agency executives. Sending timely notifications to debtors keep track of the due date for their next instalment to reduce bad debt.
Increased Productivity : Reduce the manual work needed for managing the interactions with debtors, which can be an very expensive and time-consuming.


Increase Debt Recovery Efficiency : Improve cash flow in your debt collection department with our smart and intelligent credit management software SMART DEBT COLLECTION. You can track clients' action history with debt details, such as date, loan collected amount, company code and business name.
Payment Notification Management : Debtors will keep track of due date of remaining payment and send timely reminder to customers through email or SMS. Also there is call centre option to send reminder to customers and keep a summarized details of PTP calls to ensure a high recovery for debt collection. If there is no reply from the debtor , system automatically assign the case to collection agent.
Optimizes The Complete Debt Collections : Smart Debt Collection in Indonesia is a cloud-based software solution which is usable any sized collection agency, Banks, credit union, law firms, attorneys and debt buyers. Debt recovery software track all receivable payments to avoid bad debts and keep all your debt recovery data and information in one place.

Features of Smart Debt Collection?

  • Custom Payment Plans.
  • Processes Automation.
  • Judgement Tracking.
  • Custom Screen Layouts.
  • Unlimited Phone Numbers/Addresses.
  • Report Automation.
  • Trust Accounting.

Right Balance Between The Debt Aand Your Customer

Use bucket-based approach for your debt recovery process. Users can send professionally-written reminders or customize responses according to their needs. Banking debt collection in Oman can manage efficiently with comprehensive supporting system.


How To Automate Debt Collection Departments?

Use a high end collection software to track all your department's collection accounts and keeps all your debt recovery data and information in one place. This is considered as the easiest way of automating your organization.


Why You Need Smart Debt Collection?

Smart Debt Collection is the most needed management software that any debt collection agency to operate efficiently. Our software is also widely used by corporate companies that need to collect or manage their first party debts. Smart Debt Collection is designed to improve debt collection operation by increasing debt collection rate and by reducing expenses there by increase your profits.


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In House Edition

Smart Debt Collection

For In House Accounts Receivables / Debt Collection Departments

  • - Early Collection
  • - Debt Collection
  • - Settlements

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Agency Edition

Smart Debt Collection

For Debt Collection Agencies

  • - Bank Debt Collection
  • - Corporate Collection
  • - Telecom Collection
  • - Government Collection
  • - Utility Collection
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Enterprise Edition

Smart Debt Collection

  • - Agency Level AR Distribution
  • - Ready to Use Platform for Collection Agencies
  • - Centralized Reporting
  • - Easy Billing and Payouts for Agencies
  • - Agencies Performance Monitoring

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Why Do You Need Smart Debt Collection?

Digitize your collection process for faster debt recovery. We provide an advanced debt collection software for supporting all the activities in your organization- SMART DEBT COLLECTION. You can monitor the overall business performance easily.


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