Virtual Court System

Find the right approach for your court hearing with technology

Follow your hearing remotely from any corner of the world. Our combination of legal and industry experience help us to develop an outstanding software solution- Smart Court to resolve your legal challenges. You can access it easily from any browser. We are always care about the quality of our product that meets our client’s success. With us

   Be ready to take part in online hearing.

   Deal your courts and defendants remotely.

   View Court hearings online.

We provide a best platform for your face-to- face online court session from anywhere in the country. Our cloud- based software solution comes with an advantage of real time collaboration. It provide a flexible option for the defendants like they need not to go the court room physically. You only need a camera that connected with an internet device will help you to attend the court session virtually and can interact with the judge through a secure video stream.

Benefits of using Smart Court

   Eliminate the need of travel.
   Eliminate the mountains of the paperwork.
   Can run your organization more efficiently.
   Can see past and future hearing dates.
   Provide a feeling of more casual than a regular
    court room.
   Allow the defendants to take a part in proceeding
    while in custody.
   All parties like defendants, legal counsels, and
    complaints can involve in hearing virtually.
   Helps to attend hearings remotely, in real-time,
    from anywhere in the world.

With our Smart Court you can easily join a virtual hearing with a video from anywhere in the world if your internet enabled device has a camera. The court will sent you an automated emails regarding the time schedule with a link. You just need to open the link and upload the relevant case documents.

It is very simple to use that you can add documents straight from your document management system with a secure sharing facility with counsel, clients and opposing party. We also allows you to update your clients contact information any time.

It is a real-time transcription software that helps view and maintain live court proceedings and defendants can instantly resolve fines or set up a payment plan.

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