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Smart Office - Business Operations
Software Solution for Audit Firms

Develop your whole business of from within one application,
while still maintaining flexibility and enabling growth.

The Business Operations Software Solution from Beveron Technologies gives you the tools, insights and information to continuously evaluate and analyse the financial and commercial performance of your clients and contracts. This information helps you to effectively manage all your operational and sales activities with better analysis. Automatically solution will help you to build better customer relations as all customer relations are available on your finger tips when ever or where ever you are with real time updates. Internal performance bench marking of contracts and projects allows you to search for continuous improvement in operations.


Our singular cohesive business Software Solution allows you to accelerate core business processes your on premises.


Our software adapts to your company’s requirements, user roles and preferences. It works quickly, it’s easy to manage and you can use it in a familiar web browser on any Smart device.


Manage your domestic and international businesses with ready-to-use functionality. Our Smart Office office adapts to the way your company operates, as well as your evolving IT strategy without loss of data or functionality (whether you choose to deploy privately or host everything in the cloud). Smart Office is highly scalable and grows with you and your company.

Internationally Versatile

With this software you can manage business operations from multiple locations. You even can expand your business outside your country and make your mark across the globe.


Business Operations Software Solution is integrated with essential modules and can even integrate your internal data solution fully integrates with all Beveron software products such as Smart Office for Law office, Smart Office for companies firms, etc.


We recognise that every business organization has unique needs, Smart Office provides tailor made solutions that fits your very specific requirements.

Virtual Office Solution for Accounting and Audit Firms

Smart Office is a management software solution for Accounting and Audit firms. It is the foundation to help you improve productivity, collaboration and customer service. With a comprehensive and accurate information management system, you can make confident business decisions and slash the time and cost of complex accounting and financial processes along the way.

Integrate your financial, accounting and customer relationship activities to a more streamlined information management process with Beveron’s Business Operations Solution. Our solutions provide real-time visibility, collaboration, agility, and most of all, compliance in order to achieve success for your business.

The powerful capabilities of our Smart Office software allows you to

  • Easily manage, consolidate financials for multiple companies

  • Easily track project progress and expenses

  • Helps in operational cost reduction and increase profitability

  • Record of all project reviews and adjustment

  • Customer centric, helps in providing personalized services

  • Beveron’s Business Operations Solution lets you manage all of your processes in the one place, allowing you to in turn, become more financially organised.

    Why Choose Smart Office?

    Smart Office is not an ordinary ERP Software or Accounting Software solution that many people may think but it is beyond you have come to know and expect. Our technology has evolved beyond the traditional software boundaries and seamlessly, take your office and business operations to a new height.This software will give the best support to yours business operation through this advancement :-

    Automating business operations

    Fully web-based, mobile responsive and easy-to-use software solution

    Standardize day-to-day operations making your workday smoother

    Works from anywhere, any time, on any device- Maximise productivity

    Solution enables you to share updates of every sessions with your clients instantly and maintain a chronological history of every matter, along with attachments like, notices, replies, orders etc. This web based business operations management software that runs on cloud or on premise is tailored to make life easier for any type and size of law office.